Guest Artists Preparation Tips Sheet

We’re delighted to invite you to our show - a celebration of local music and arts across all genres. Our one-hour, weekly show appeals to music-lovers, musicians and the local music industry. We want compelling content - live performance, interviews and recorded music. Our aim is to build our audience, and yours, and to invigorate the DC area music scene. To make the most of your time in the studio, here are a few suggestions.


Think in advance what messages you want to convey during your broadcast. We try to chat in advance with you to get a sense of your intentions….and ours.

We’re not out to get you with trick questions, but think a little in advance about how to approach those occasional moments when your concentration slips or when you forget what the question was. We’re happy to repeat or re-phrase. Stay calm and groove on.

If you want to think before you answer, don’t worry, just let us know…”mmm, that’s a good question, need to think about that”.



We want to present you in your best light, think about which CD tracks you want us to play

Bring in info about future gigs, know the dates, venues, times, location.

Send us promo materials, CD’s, website and bandcamp links a week ahead of performance.  Music needs to be "Radio-Ready".

Our host radio station WERA have reporting agreements with ASCAP and BMI to pay royalties for music registered with those organizations. If your music is not registered we will have a standard artist release waiver contract for you to sign, permitting broadcast of your performance and compositions.

Let us know how we can promote you on our website especially social media links and a link to your online music store.

If you have tickets or CD’s to give away to callers, let us know.




If you are presenting as a band, agree who will be your main speaker(s) and how you will manage others speaking. There may not be mics for everyone so you might want to have people signal if they want to speak so that they get the mic. Also, have the band minimize background noise and chatter. Ideally one or two interviewees only.



Let us know in advance the names, instruments, roles of your group members. If there are names which might be prone to mis-pronunciation give us an idea of the correct phonetic pronunciation (for example, Veronneau is Vay-ron-no….easy!)

Be as clear as you can speaking on mic, remember we communicate a lot of meaning with body language….but this is radio!

It’s likely that your visit will involve photos, so dress the way you want the band to be presented….avoid pajamas, Birkenstocks, shorts and baseball caps...unless you must.

There are some great bars and restaurants around our studios. We suggest visiting them to celebrate after your performance, rather than for courage before!  (Ask us how this one got on the list!)

IMPORTANT - Our hosts at WERA could lose their FCC license to broadcast and we could lose our show if there is inappropriate language or active “selling”. So, please don’t say “you’ve got to buy our CD and come see us tonight” - direct people to your website where they can get more information if necessary. Also, NO profanity, obscenity, indecency… seriously.


Please contact us ( if you need additional information or have questions

In case of emergency (late or cancelled appearances) contact (202 294 6229).


For your social media (and for your aunty Edith) we are:

Music Alley Radio broadcasting live on WERA 96.7FM and streaming at,

Thursdays, Noon to 1pm.


For live on-air interviews the studio is located at: Arlington Independent Media, 2701 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201. Ring the door to be buzzed in, we’ll see you arrive as the glass control room is by the front door. Someone will come out to greet you, make you comfy in the lounge area and then bring you into the studio for your chat.  


For pre-recorded interviews come to: Recording Arts Studio, 2803 2nd Rd, North, Arlington VA. Don’t come to the front door (you’ll just make the dog bark), the studio is in the walk-out basement, take the path through the yard to the right.